Monday’s debutante speech

“It happens only once in a lifetime and it’s the dream of every girl I know, to turn into a woman.”

That’s how my sister’s 18th birthday speech begins, which she’ll delivery on her debutante’s party.

I wrote her speech, Monday night after weeks of her begging me.

That was the birthday present she asked and how can I say no.

It’s difficult to think like a 18-year-old woman, I told her repeatedly.

I asked her to tell me what exactly she wanted to say in her speech.

“I’m leaving it up to you.” she said,

“You can’t do that. I was never a debutante. I don’t know how an 18-year-old girl feels,” I said.

“I don’t know, exactly what goes through a woman’s mind,” I stressed.

But for my youngest sister, I’d anything within reason, although I don’t know if being in her shoes is within reason.

May 31, 2010


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